1. Where are you located?

Purrfect Paws Sanctuary is located north of St. George, Kansas in a rural setting. If planning a visit please call 785-494-8480 for specific directions.

2. What days and hours are you open?

Visitation times at Purrfect Paws are flexible. We are able to set appointments seven days a week from early morning to late evenings. There are exceptions depending on Sanctuary activities. We will work with your schedule to set a time convenient for you and the felines. We ask that you call 785-494-8480 for an appointment.

3.Why must I make an appointment?

There are people residing at the sanctuary 24 hours a day. The sanctuary encompasses 28 acres which requires constant upkeep. Feline care requires 12-15 hours daily. Appointments are made so volunteers can be available and therefore normal care routines for the sanctuary and residents (human and furry) will not be interrupted.

4. What is your adoption process?

  1. Completion of and agreement to a clear and concise one page adoption contract.
  2. Sanctuary visitation prior to adoption. A minimum of two visits to the sanctuary to provide introduction and interaction time is standard.
  3. Review of references from three individuals including your veterinarian.
  4. Utilization of information from a pet intuitive before, during and after adoption.
  5. Visitation of feline’s potential forever home.

5. What is a pet intuitive?

Intuition is defined as: The act or faculty of knowing or sensing without the use of rational processes; immediate cognition. Much like humans, animals are impacted by everything in their environment which affects their emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Unlike humans, it is difficult to get an answer from an animal about their well-being. A pet intuitive or psychic has the ability to communicate with animals. The information communicated is helpful in understanding the needs/concerns of the animal. The more information we have about our pets the more we can assist.

6. What kind of information will be revealed by the pet intuitive?

Information from the feline will include reactions to the potential caretaker after the visits and any concerns/questions for the potential caretaker. Questions often include: “Will I be able to sleep with him/her?”, “Will I have the same food?”, “Can I take my toys?”, “Will I be left alone?”, “What happens to me if something happens to my caretaker?”, “Will I be the only animal?” These questions are easily addressed by the potential caretaker.

Other information may include an immediate recognition of the person visiting as their “forever caretaker”. Sometimes the feline knows intuitively the person visiting is not their “forever caretaker”. So the feline will opt to wait for the person with whom they are to reside. Potential caretakers may participate in this process by sharing their questions/concerns.

7. Do I have to be present for the pet intuitive sessions?

No. Should you have questions/concerns for the feline those inquiries can be written and will be addressed during the pet intuitive session. Responses to your questions/concerns and will be shared.

8. How is information from the pet intuitive used after the adoption?

Information is obtained from the pet intuitive for up to a year after the adoption. The purpose of the continued involvement is to assist with any concerns/transitions the caretaker or feline may present.

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