Missoula Goes “Home”

MissoulaThey just couldn’t imagine how I belonged to them. Fortunately the Martins opened their hearts. Well, that’s all it took along with some dog hugs, kisses, and embraces for a smooth transition into the family. I arrived just in time to enjoy the Christmas tree!

So many places to sleep! I must say one of my favorite activities is slumbering with my canine pals,Missoula Olivia and Tigger in front of the cozy, warm fireplace.

Recently I slipped outside for the first time and frolicked in the snow! I’m anxious to take in all the smells and explore the outdoors some more.

The boys, well, all the family, love and adore me. I can’t imagine anything more “purrfect”!

Sawyer Goes "Home"

ZhivagoSawyer n KateI just knew I belonged with Kate. She appreciates my love of people. When her clients arrive you can be sure I’m the first to greet them. Everyone adores me except sometimes Percy, also a resident cat. He just doesn’t always appreciate my playful tactics.

I’m also happy to assist Kate with Jin Shin Jyutsu clients. I’m not so much involved in massage. Enticing clients and guests to play with me is so rewarding!

My life has certainly changed since choosing Kate as my forever caretaker. Aren’t we just the “purrfect” pair?

ZHIVAGO Goes “Home”

ZhivagoJason and ZhivagoI’m one of the felines Janette rescued for which I am so grateful.

I never knew how it felt to be loved until I chose Jason for my forever caretaker. Jason finally recognized I belonged with him and our lives merged. Aren’t we handsome?

I love being around all Jason’s friends and feel confident enough to climb into a new lap! For play, I love my bird and pushing toy balls around — the noisier the better! At first I wasn’t sure about the laser pointer, but now I’m a fan. I also enjoy watching the birds outside the windows.

Life is simply “p u r r f e c t”.

Miseur Champagne Goes “Home”

MCMC. for short but I want every one to know I came to the Sanctuary for the finer things in life thus my name. Upon my arrival I wasn’t the most popular among the cats or volunteers. I thought I had to attack before any of the felines attacked me. I worked diligently to adjust my caustic survival techniques.
Respectfulness, gratefulness, and compassion are traits I now demonstrate. I am part of the most loving family I could imagine. Excitement abounds as I pal around with two dogs and mingle with two cats. The view from the loft where I can survey all activities is awesome. Cuddling in the laps of Nathanael, Remy, Jennifer or Wayne is so pleasurable and sleeping arrangements are sweet! I never dreamt life could be so full of joy and love. My “p u r r f e c t” home at last!

Chaucer Goes “Home”


Look at me! I’m absolutely irresistible. After their second visit Shannon & Mark knew I belonged to them. I had to wait before I could live with them per-
manently. I lived with Shannon & Mark’s friends for a few months.

I am now living with my forever caretakers, Shannon and Mark. They adore me! I love humans and keep all their company entertained. Experiences I enjoy include exploring the out doors, bounding through the rough spaciousness of our home, as well as waking up Shannon and Mark. They don’t seem to mind. They love everything about me.
I’m so deliriously happy and am so in love with our “purrfect” life! is great and we love our new "purrfect" life.


Aleesha & Moonstar Go “Home”

AleeshaOn the day that Moonstar and I chose Michelle as our new mom, we were so fortunate and lucky. We have two older sisters to play with. One of them is very playful and gets a little rough and the other is mellow and an old soul of almost three.

Michelle loves us as if we were human children and she treats us with love and respect. She feeds us Wellness and when she has baked chicken breasts she gives us a few little bites of chicken. We love michelle and she lets us sleep on the bed with her.

We own the house that we live in and Michelle just pays the bills.
The house is big and she has given us lots of toys to play with. I cuddle with her a lot on the couch and Michelle has special mom and Moonstar time. Our new homeMoonstar is great and we love our new "purrfect" life.

Lillee Anne Goes “Home”

She chose me because I’m the most beautiful as you can see. Janette is fortunate to have crossed my path.
Lillee Ann
She could not have found a more devoted companion! She takes such good care of me and I spoil her too. We love spending time together. When she comes home I always greet her with much love and gratefulness. This life is “p u r r f e c t“.
Lillee Ann
My Adoption Day,
Janette & “Me” on
the most purrfect
day of my life.

George Goes "Home"

GeorgeGeorgeI insisted on having a portrait so you could experience my charisma. Maurice and Audrey are so fortunate to have crossed my path. I have much work to do as I’m head of the household. I'm told I was matched through the Paws for Health program but our “union” was destiny. Can you tell my favorite activity? For what else are laps designed? GeorgeAudrey may protest about my lap sitting more than Maurice but she’s easy to persuade. I waited ten years for this opportunity and I must say I think I'm benefiting as much as Audrey and Maurice. I love everything about my home and enjoy snuggling in bed after a long day’s hard work of loving. This is my life and it is "purrfect".

Rhadee and Bohdee Go "Home"

Rhadee and BohdeeWhat a wonderful day it was when Shannon and Maleah came to take us home. We waited three years for the “purrfect” caretakers. The best gift is that we were able to go together. We are brothers who had never been separated. There was a period of adjustment as we didn’t know we were supposed to sleep at night. We wanted attention all the time. We’ve adjusted and are so grateful for our forever family. Please open your hearts to our friends at Purrfect Paws who await a forever home.

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