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Russell"The Flying Geek” is not the only title that makes Russell unique! He is our only “Virtual Volunteer”. Volunteering his website development expertise is not hampered by his Florida residence. Virtual volunteering means volunteer tasks completed, in whole or in part, via the internet and a home or work computer. Virtual volunteering allows agencies to expand the benefits of their volunteer programs, by allowing for more volunteers to participate, and by utilizing volunteers in new areas.

“My daughter volunteered at Purrfect Paws and contacted me to assist in the web development as Purrfect Paws needed a new “presence” on the web. Volunteering gave me the opportunity to expand my understanding and programming skills with HTML language. I am fortunate that Jinna is understanding regarding our communication differences and we work together to create and maintain a website to fit the goals and needs of the organization.

There have been some challenges such as having an idea portrayed in an e-mail. Even with a template sent by Jinna creating the “code” to emulate the requirements of the page, or the intent of the information can be challenging. I have exposure to new opportunities allowing me to learn by experience which I find quite rewarding. This entire experience has helped me learn new coding, innovative developments for web pages and has increased my overall knowledge of programming.”

Russell stays very involved and active with numerous titles….Pilot, Extreme Distance Swimmer, IT Field Technician, Husband, Animal Lover, and Webmaster for three nonprofit websites.


Purrfect Paws is grateful for Russell’s patience and expertise
in developing and managing www.purrfectpawskansas.org.

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